Monday, April 17, 2017

Life Coaching - A New Service at A Willow Bends, LLC!

Life Coaching- Is it an option for you?

Life Coaching is a bit different from counseling in that Life Coaching takes your life experiences, skills, talents, hopes, and dreams, as well as the areas of your life that need improvement, and helps you become the Best You You Can Be!

We combine Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral, and Client Focused Approaches to breakthrough roadblocks, move on to better living, and get past Ambivalence.

As an added bonus, Life Coaching services are available now On-Line! Life Coaching sessions are $50 USD an hour. We use video chat through Skype (at the time of this writing) for sessions. We cannot accept insurance for this service, we do accept payments through PayPal (please see the button below the picture of our service providers on the left).

Although Life Coaching is different from Counseling, our Clinicians at A Willow Bends, LLC are able to provide Life Coaching with a Mental Health Counseling focus! Please give us a call or send us an e-mail to set up an appointment! 



  1. I think having a life coach during a time of change is a great idea. It’s difficult to be motivated and brave during moments of change. A life coach expert is definitely something to look into for those moments.

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  4. This is a really good deal. Been inspired by awesome life coaches and now I want to venture into what they do to help people. It's an exciting change in my life and I think I'm ready to learn how to be a coach.